Blu Life Wellness Studio is a family owned business located in Escondido, California.  My husband Robert and I came from our home town in the San Francisco Bay Area to fulfill our dream of moving to Southern California and opening a health and wellness company.

Robert and I recognized the need for alternative care in conjunction with traditional medicine during our 22+ combined years working in the medical industry.

We live a healthy lifestyle and we incorporate healthy alternatives as much as we can which is why I decided to try Infrared Sauna Therapy and Chromotherapy.  After just a few sessions I noticed the benefits of these therapies which compelled me to tell my family and friends about them.  As mine and Robert’s curiosity grew, we continued to learn more about these therapies which led us to open our dream company Blu Life Wellness Studio in Escondido, California.

Blue, my favorite color, evokes feelings of serenity and calmness.  Blue is also my favorite Chromotherapy Color, which is why we incorporated these feelings into the theme and décor of the studio and also into the name – Blu Life Wellness Studio.  Our logo includes blue crystals which also represent calmness and tranquility.

We are excited to share our passion for health and wellness and we look forward to fulfilling our company mission of educating our customers about the health benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy and Chromotherapy while offering a clean, healing environment, with the highest level of customer service.

We operate our business with respect, compassion, and customer confidentiality; and we hope to see you soon.


Eleticia and Robert Owens