Mufz Covers are compatible with most On-ear and Over-ear Headphones. Below are some of the styles and brands we fit. Currently we do NOT fit Bose and some Sony Headphones. We do however fit the Sony Studio headphones, which you will see below. As long as your headphones favor the below styles, we have you covered. 

Headphone Sizing:

Over-Ear Headphones = Medium Size

*Amazon Basics Over-Ear Headphones


*Beats by Dre  (Medium = Studio)

*Craig Electronics Headphones  

 *iJoy Over-ear Headphones

*JBL (Elite 700, 700BT, Everest 710, Everest 750NC, E55BT, E55BT Quincy Edition, E65BTNC, DUETNC)

*Memorex Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

*Monster (DNA Over-Ear, Monster 24K Gold, Monster N-Pulse)

*MPOW Over-Ear / On-Ear Headphones 

*NAXA Backspin Pro Headphones

*NCredible  (Ncredible1, Ncredible Flips, Monster Ncredible *Npulse Over-ear)

 *Shure Studio Headphones

 *Skull Candy Hesh 2 Wireless, Hesh 2.0 Wire

*Sony MDRV6 

*SYB Binaural (Design Over-Ear)

On-Ear Headphones = Small Size

Beats by Dre – (Solo 1, 2, and 3)

Haoer S450 Bluetooth

JBL Small = (Everest 300, Everest 300BT, Everest 310, OR300)

Monster (DNA, Monster 24K Gold, Monster N-Pulse) 

Samsung (Level On Wireless Pro)