Pukka Clothing Co.



PUKKA CLOTHING CO. is committed to providing "genuine and first-class" freshness to your hip-hop and classy looks. We are committed to making clothes that are a positive reflection on who YOU are! We want to provide you with clothing that not only gets you to thinking, but turns heads and has your peers asking, "Where did you get that?" 


PUKKA CLOTHING CO. is family-owned and operated in South Carolina. PUKKA CLOTHING CO. was created and founded by Shaun P! As a young child, she would take her clothes that her mother would buy her and customize them to fit her fancy. She has always grown up with the idea that she should be dressed "Head to Toe." As a positive person, she came up with the name PUKKA in a dream, because she believes that in life in order to get ahead, you have to be "first-class and genuine!" 


The logo of the stars in a circle around the signature "P!" represents excitement and if you can't get to the moon, you can always be among the stars. The two "cool-looking" Panda logos is symbolic for abundance and compassion. It all indicates that it is okay to simply be genuine. Since our company opened in 2014, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar products, but our services are the best, and come with a genuine touch!